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Robert William Carter, Jr.
Bob was born in London to a family of engineers, he has been surrounded by design and construction his entire life.  This foundation led to a career in architecture and he now holds licenses in several states.

Bob gained an appreciation of eastern philosophy while becoming a martial artist; which helps influence his work today.  He envisions architecture as living sculpture in harmony with nature, where great architecture strives to emulate the "Soul" of a particular place. 

Bob holds a BS from Texas A&M University with graduate studies in Architecture from the University of New Mexico.  He has worked on residential, commercial and institutional projects for over 36 years, and his extensive field experience in construction (having been a licensed general contractor, working in the construction industry) enhances his ability to successfully translate design into function.

Over the years, Bob has worked on the creative process of design for many profile individuals, from the President of the World Bank to the Governor of Tennessee, as well as the leaders of many Corporations.

Robert (Bob) Carter  AIA
Robert (Bob) Carter AIA